Our food

If You wish, we can make food for you.

Smoked perch from our big lake Djupträsket.

Chicken with asparagus and bacon.

Rendeer, cranberries and mashed potatoes with spices.

A speciality from northern Sweden; sour herring, ”almond potatoes”, yellow, red and green onion. And the speciel thin bread. If You like it, you are lucky! 🙂 – But probably You don’t, most people doesn’t. It has a very speciel taste, either You love it or hate it! We love it. Real Swedish Lapland-people does!

A mix of … everything; entrecôte with chiminchurri and a pie of borecole. Our own vegetables.

Home made. Thing do grow in Swedish Lapland! And the have a better taste because of all the sunny and a bit cool nights. More vitamins and antioxidants too, according to some examinations.

Pumpkin to be.

Whitefish roe, Kalixlöjrom (press this link), is the very best food (and the sour herring of course) from the Arctic Circle area! 🙂

Making Trinidad Creole Chicken Stew. A recipe from DN.

Our tomatoes:



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